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Meet Reese

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Cherise McAdoo is a charismatic visionary, brand strategist, and lover of God + His people. Her life’s mission is to assist others find purpose as they strive for excellence in pursuit of their destiny. She is no stranger to the professional world as a Hampton University alumna with experience in sales, customer success, talent acquisition, marketing, investment banking, as well as community and economic development. Outside of her professional endeavors, she's also a proud fur mama to Zoe the Mini Red Labradoodle.

Currently Cherise serves as the Senior Client Solutions Manager in the Enterprise Business Services & Healthcare vertical at LinkedIn servicing manufacturing, professional services, and healthcare customers. Previously she worked as a Digital Strategy Lead at Google serving the fastest growing businesses in Canada through digital advertising. As a former Customer Success Manager at LinkedIn she worked with mid market global customers looking to invest in amazing talent.


As the Principal Brand Strategist of Resourceful Reese, she’s worked with small businesses, universities, and national non-profits as both as a strategist, consultant, and speaker.

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